Monday, January 24, 2011

some good words!!

Iron turns to rust if it seeks the company of soil. It grows, softens and takes on useful shapes, if it enjoys the company of fire. Dust can fly if it chooses the wind as its friend.It has to end as a slime in a pit, if it prefers water.It has niether wingnor foot, yet it can flyor walk, rise or fall, according to the friend it selects. .....satya sai baba ...speaking tree...time of india !!

Better be alone than in a bad company !!...Thomas Fuller ...speaking tree..time of india!!

True green sustainable design happens as a result of a unified, holistic and compassionate attitude towards life, born from a sense of freedom and spontaneity - Architect Shirish Beri.

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Ashwamegh" by artist Max Streicher!!

something inspirational i saw at art gallery mascara.
Ashwamegh - in vedic mythology , is a white sacrificial stallion. the concept of ashwamegh is to represent a spiritual power that connects one to prana, or breath.
this installation is with two large inflated figures of white stallion!!! its on thill 30th jan 2011 at art gallery.
i am glad i got to see it.!!

find out more about this artist and his works on

Friday, January 7, 2011

happy 2011 !!

Dear All,

Wishing you a great new year!!

The year has almost gone, but made us strong.
The path was long but we walked with a song.
There were tears and cheers, as we traveled the year!!
we know that god doesn't require us to be " the best"
He just wants us to "do our best "
and he will take care of the rest!!

Have a fantastic 2011!!!:)